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Is there something missing in your

relationship with your current CPA?


To be certain we understand exactly what it is
our clients VALUE most... we listen to them!

Here is what they say... and how we respond.

Play on my team. Share my objectives. Ask questions about non-accounting/tax things. Be there when I need you.


 Know your stuff. Give me something new, something different. Teach me. Don’t do everything for me. Let me learn from you.


Get things done. Return my calls. Anticipate my needs. Be accurate. Follow through. Listen to me when I'm worried.


Plan our work together. Think about my problems. Guarantee your work.  No
surprises please, unless it's chocolate! 


Take the time to understand what I do and know my business. Be honest. I'm a person, not just an account. Value our relationship.


Your Growth... IS... Our Success!